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Hi guys! I’m Joseph and this is my website about guitars. Ever since I can remember I have been in love with guitars.

When I was about 10 years old, my dad came to me and handed me his old acoustic guitar. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to give it to me. He said that he was very sure and he wanted me to learn how. I had always watch him play the guitar while growing up, But I was never really able to play myself. When I became 10, he decided that it would be a good time for me to start learning. I’m not sure why I never got to learn before hand, but anyways I was really happy when he did this. Where to put my fingers and all that important stuff.

In high school I decided that I was going to create a band. Wind ups entering the battle the bands competition and we won. This was awesome because no one really expected us to win and no one knew who we were really. So after the battle the bands we pretty much exploded into popularity and then the next couple of years we were the biggest band in that town. We would play bars and we would play nightclubs. We are this close to a record deal but we never ended up getting it and like many other musicians my music just ended up sputtering. Nowadays I’m just so old hack with a guitar and a website. You can read more about me here. That’s where I tell my FULL story…And relive the glory days lol..

Why Did I Make This Website?

A lot of people ask me why exactly I’m decided to make this website. Well I decided to make the website because I’m a guitar enthusiast. Furthermore, I wanted to place that I could come on and talk about the guitars. Another reason is that I felt that there weren’t that many good guitar website such a good job reviewing guitars as well as bring you the most up-to-date news on them. So I figured I would try my hand at it and put up a website like this to be able to do just that.

So on this website you’re going to find reviews about anything related to guitars, as well as the relevant news related to guitars.

Our Top Articles

I’m going to be constantly updating this list with some of our top performing articles on the website. But for now these are the ones that have the most traffic going to them as well as the most use.

Guitar Tricks Coupon – this is a paper talk about which is the best coupon for guitar tricks. We have the biggest savings on this page and better savings than anywhere else in the Internet. We’re constantly updating this page with the most recent discount codes. To be sure to check it out.

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Best Electric Guitars Review Guide – Our super duper guide that reveals which electric guitars are currently at the top right now!

Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars Ever Sold

I can’t believe how much some of these guitars were sold for. I know that some are very iconic and used in very iconic situations, but regardless I can’t believe someone would still pay that much. I know that a lot of the guitars are expensive, but even if I had the money I don’t think that I would be paying for it. I would be happy to sell one that is that expensive though. You would make quite a bit of money.